Welcome! My name is Ellen A. Thompson. I am a teacher. My most current class was a multiage 1-2-3 setting with students of ages 6-9. This webpage is my way of sharing with you all the things I have learned in 20 + years of teaching in the public schools and beyond. While I am not currently teaching in my own classroom at this writing, I am still actively involved with teachers, teaching, and children, of course!

After achieving National Board Certfication as an Early Childhood Generalist in 1999, I decided to leave my classroom and strike out on my own as a full-time educational consultant. I formed my own company and called it Ms. T., Inc. in honor of my students. After all they had been calling me Ms. T. for years and years. My consulting work has had me working all across the United States, Canada and even the Virgin Islands. I have worked in many classrooms model teaching literacy skills to young children. I have also worked in school districts with specific grade level teachers in specific curriculum areas. My conference/seminar presentations have me interfacing with large groups of educators on issues relating to best teaching practices. Multiage education continues to be the great love from my teaching career. Currently I am on faculty at the University of Vermont in their elementary education department working with pre-service teachers in the area of literacy and more. And just for fun I recently began my own doctoral study program at the University, too.

Within this website I will share with you some "Meaningful Strategies for Teachers" for your use in your own classroom. These ideas are ones that I have developed over the years. Use them if you can…enjoy!